Cement Dispenser System

MEDINAUT-I (ICD System) ICD Kit by IMEDICOM is Cement dispenser system and it is intended for percutaneous access to bone and delivery of bone cement. This is non-powered device intended for use in placing bone cement into surgical sites. And it is convenient instrument for balloon catheter to access vertebral body and single use. Available troca and round tips for step procedure. This is disposable device.


- Order Code: ICD-KIT

- ICD-KIT is consist of below components
  1) Needle pipe 1ea and Needle pin 1ea
  2) Wire pin troca type 1ea and Wire pin round type 1ea.
  3) Spacer 1ea

  4) Cement pusher 3ea and Cement filler 3ea
  5) Wire-Pin Troca Type 1ea and Round Type 1ea
  6) Guide wire 1ea(Option)





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