LED Tip Enable accurate positioning check
Balloon Catheter Dilate sinus ostia with the 10 × 5 mm to 20 × 9 mm balloon
Guide Designed to access sphenoid, frontal and maxillary sinus anatomy in 3 options
Position Handle Simple movement of Position Handle with one finger
LED Light Use of LED without additional equipment

Balloon Catheter

Balloon length Balloon diameter Balloon pressure
10, 20mm 5~9mm 12ATM (176psi)


Type Degree
디테일 이미지 Sphenoid
디테일 이미지 Frontal 70°
디테일 이미지 Maxillary 110°
Product Order code Description
Balloon length Balloon diameter Guide
Sinuscure EZ SCLZ105 10mm 5mm
SCLZ106 6mm
SCLZ107 7mm
SCLZ108 8mm
SCLZ109 9mm
SCLZ205 20mm 5mm
SCLZ206 6mm
SCLZ207 7mm
SCLZ208 8mm
SCLZ209 9mm

Accessory (to be purchased separately)

Product Order code Description
Inflation device IBE-B00 0 ATM to 24.6 ATM